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As the nation's capital and one end of the expansive BOS-WASH corridor, which is home to a large portion of American citizens, Washington DC definitely ranks as one of America's most dense cities. Fortunately for people who live in the city or one of the major suburbs that surrounds is, DC has one of the more thorough and reliable Subway systems in the entire country. Most people who live or work in DC can rely on the subway to get around, but since DC itself makes up only a small portion of the DC area, most people have to commute to work on a daily basis and it is these people who understand just how tough Washington DC parking can be. Whether you work in the city and need permanent Washington DC parking, or are just visiting and need Capitol Hill parking or Washington Monument parking, then can help you to find exactly what you're looking for.

A recent report showed that drivers who spend time circling the block looking for curbside parking notch approximately 950,000 miles of unnecessary car travel every year! And with gas prices higher than ever before you can only imagine what this translates to in Dollars and Cents! Fortunately DC, being one of the first planned cities in the U.S., doesn't quite have the parking crunch of certain other East Coast cities, but that doesn't mean that there is nearly enough parking to accommodate the thousands of commuters who work in the city. And when you add in the hundreds of tourists who flock in from around the country every year, you can get an idea of just how competitive DC parking tends to be. The key to finding permanent Parking in Washington DC that you can rely on, is by planning ahead, and your best resource for planning is

With a growing database of parking options in Washington DC including parking garages, parking lots, and even individual spaces that can be rented on a personal basis, ParkingSpotter is quick becoming the premier resource on the internet for finding just the right parking for any driver. Whatever your Washington DC parking needs are you can be sure that ParkingSpotter can help to get you in touch with someone who has just the right parking to fit your schedule.

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